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Andy Chunn writes:

I'm not sure where to begin to try and communicate to you the importance of the Pulaski Karate Center and Sensei Hughey to my family. My son, Jonathan, wanted to start karate at a very young age. He was really too young (only 5 years old) to start so I started with him. I felt it was something we could share together. I was a high school coach and did not spend much time at home. Jonathan was a typical 5 year old with a very short attention span, somewhat hyperactive, and full of energy. We were not there long before Jonathan got his first idea of self-discipline and how one must conform to certain ideals if one wishes to succeed.

Over the years, there were many times when Jon wanted to quit. Immediate rewards, which our whole culture seems to celebrate, are not the forte of traditional Japanese karate. Quitting is forbidden in our household and soon Jon would work through those desires to quit and be thoroughly involved in learning karate once again. Over the years, I watched my son develop from a child with all the deficiencies of any typical child to a thoroughly self disciplined young man. He was athletic and utilized his skills to become a quick and efficient practitioner of Wado karate.

As a very old beginner, I found that I enjoyed karate very much. I was accustomed to the hard work necessary for success in athletics but also truly enjoyed the traditional teaching of Sensei Hughey. While you can find schools where you will advance faster, you will not find any that prepare you more thoroughly than the Pulaski Karate Center.

I continued with Sensei Hughey for 18 years until health issues stopped and ended my practice of karate. In that time I got to study with many Masters of Wado karate and always learned from the Masters, from Sensei Hughey, and from the students as well. Pulaski Karate Center was a wonderful family of really good people, many who are still there today.

My son Jonathan is today a U.S. Marine Corp officer and a pilot of CH-53 helicopters for the Marines. The little undisciplined 5 year old boy became a man of extraordinary discipline, skill, bravery, honor and ethics. He graduated from the Naval Academy and became a Marine in 2006. He will deploy to Afganistan soon. I am extremely proud of Jonathan. I truly believe that much of his success in life is due to the discipline instilled by years of study with Sensei Hughey and the Pulaski Karate Center.

I do not know of any activity you can provide for your child that would benefit them more than the Pulaski Karate Center. Nothing is more important or more developing of the characteristics we all desire for our children, than the hard work and discipline instilled by Sensei Hughey.

Thank you Sensei Hughey.


Andy Chunn

Cathy Wilcox writes:

Raising children in todays world is a challenge. There are so many negative influences that can turn a child down the wrong track. T.V., peers, drugs, so many influences vie for our kids attention.

In Wado ryu karate, I have found a valuable tool to assist in raising my children to develop morally and spiritually the character and courage not only to stand up for what is right for themselves and others.... but to have the physical ability to do so as well.

Participation in karate has inspired my kids with discipline, the ability to work hard EVEN when something ceases to be fun, in order to achieve their goals. In the achieving their goals, they have grown in confidence, a quiet strength inside of knowing that they can accomplish any goal if they persevere.

The Wado Ryu style in particular, has been an inspiration for the building of moral and spiritual character that we wish to instill in our children.

I am always impressed when at the championship tournaments, we begin with prayer. We pray for our troops, we pray for our country, we recite the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem is sung. Where ELSE in the world today are our children going to have a chance to observe THAT kind of reverence and respect?

My 16 yr old niece and 8 other people stood by helplessly as they were robbed at gun point last month when two armed men broke into the apartment she was visiting. It was in a nice area of town. I will feel much better as my children near adult hood, as they begin college, working jobs, etc. knowing that they can if they must, they can defend themselves and those around them should the situation ever arise.

Thank you Mr. Hughey, for providing us parents with a valuable tool in the effort of raising and inspiring our children not only to be physically healthy, but of good moral character as well.

Thank you Mr. Patterson and the U.S. Eastern Wado Ryu federation for preserving and promoting a style of karate and organization that provides the frame work for building characters of decency, honesty, and respect that we wish to inspire in ourselves and our children.

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